Users are the majority of people on the Bell Tree Forums. They are able to post in threads, create threads, edit their signature and avatar, post blogs, purchase from the Shop, and in some instances, lock and unlock their own threads.

Everything users can do is able to be modified by the current board and their status.

Their usernames tend to be colored black, though if they have not confirmed their e-mail or have been banned, their username will be brown.

During the 2014 Bell Tree Fair, contest winners had a purple username.[1]

During the 2015 Fire Festival, usernames were colored orange if they entered all three contests.[2]

Banned usersEdit

Banned users are those who have violated the rules so much that they have been suspended from the forum for a period of time. For this time, their username is brown. Their avatar will be hidden.

Disabled usersEdit

Disabled users are users who have request to close their account. This is not typically done and is only done is specific cases. Their username changes to brown when disabled.